Blah, blah, blah.

I’ve been told numerous times by numerous1 people that I need a blog. I hate blogging. I’ve started several, and finished them all rather quickly. I hardly even keep up with Twitter. But…

It’s been a few years since I last tried one… and I’ve changed, I know I have. I even post on Facebook more than once a month β€” and you’d think that’s enough of a blog for anyone, but no. I’ve got to have my own site and dynamic content and… did you know Wordpress doesn’t work with PostgreSQL? I discovered that trying to set it up on Ilmatar2, and, well. I’m not going to run two RDBMSes on one lone server, so Wordpress is down the bin.

So instead, we’re trying Jekyll. Write posts in Markdown, compile them to a static HTML site β€” why, it’s almost, but not quite, entirely unlike Wordpress! Certainly beats the pants off Tumblr, and ought to be reasonably secure.

So. A blog. I expect to fill it with a rather lot of pointless blather, but you might find occasional nuggets of… well, I doubt we’ll find any gold in this stream (of consciousness), but you get the idea. I might write a few tutorials on things I’ve spent the interminable jobless hours studying, maybe summarise some particularly memorable game sessions, and… well, more than likely, fill it with pregnant pauses as I avoid posting for nine months at a time.

We’ll see.

  1. Keeping in mind, of course, that β€œone” is still a number. ^
  2. Ilmatar is a server, and if you’re reading this after it’s been published instead of over my shoulder, she’s the one serving it to you. Wave hello, Ilmatar! ^