Please Stand By

Over a year ago, I said I had a post half-written. It’s about three-quarters written now, and the rest will be up sooner rather than later.

The day after, I got rather philosophical, as I sometimes do.

The day after that, I went cold turkey on the antipsychotic medication I have to take for bi-polar disorder. Lack of employment and lack of health insurance meant I could not afford them anymore. The ensuing year would have been difficult even if that were the only stressor upon me, but 2016 was not that kind.

All I wish to say about it is: I survived. I did that in no small part because I am the most bloody-minded stubborn man you will ever meet, and in a very large part because my chosen friends and family are phenomenal people. You all know who you are, and I love each and every one of you.

To the rest of you: my apologies for the unavoidable absence. We now return to your regularly scheduled programming.