Happy holidays, folks. Been a while since I’ve posted, I know. Less than a year this time, at least! Since you last saw me, there have been… changes — and I’m not just talking about the new website (powered by Hugo and the Academic framework). Since I last posted, I have (in no particular order): Discovered I do not suffer from the potentially-fatal cardiovascular form of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, as I and my physician previously thought.

Please Stand By

Over a year ago, I said I had a post half-written. It’s about three-quarters written now, and the rest will be up sooner rather than later. The day after, I got rather philosophical, as I sometimes do. The day after that, I went cold turkey on the antipsychotic medication I have to take for bi-polar disorder. Lack of employment and lack of health insurance meant I could not afford them anymore.

On Identity

Consider a new technology. A form of crude but effective mind control, that can with total effectiveness and no margin of error remove any single memory of group of memories from your brain. Ignore the science and the ethics behind the existence of this technology; it exists, and you have access to it. Would you use that access to remove memories that you didn’t want to have? I’ve been sitting here all day, soul choked and mind plagued by my subconscious running rampant through my past, bringing up memories I’d desperately prefer stayed buried in a corner of my mind — wondering if I would.

On Procrastination

So I actually do have a very long and coherent post half-written, more information about Altered States (and houses). But while writing it I discovered just how much research I needed to do for it, and so it’s been a fair bit of a slog… which doesn’t excuse not posting for two weeks! In the meantime, I’ve been attending job interviews (unemployed for four months and counting, now), attempting to adjust to a new schedule for the weekly games I attend (we’ve moved from starting at ten in the morning to starting in the afternoon or evening, and I keep falling asleep!

On Patience

So I wrote about half of a big long tutorial post in my usual disjointed fashion, with every other line down and I go back to fill in the gaps. I wanted to do something big and full of content, and I got impatient and wrote half, if not more, of a post before I realised I was doing it all wrong. Not technically wrong, but about the wrong technology.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Hi, folks. See that big star-field over on the left1 there? I didn’t realise until I viewed this thing over a 3G connection that I made that a two megabyte file. I mean, yes, it’s a 1080p image, and yes, it’s pretty, but it’s not “let’s throw two megabytes of image at everyone loading this page” pretty. So between the magic of jpgcrush and simply decreasing the quality level from a ridiculous 90 to a barely-noticeable 70, it’s… still the largest thing loaded.

Blah, blah, blah.

I’ve been told numerous times by numerous1 people that I need a blog. I hate blogging. I’ve started several, and finished them all rather quickly. I hardly even keep up with Twitter. But… It’s been a few years since I last tried one… and I’ve changed, I know I have. I even post on Facebook more than once a month — and you’d think that’s enough of a blog for anyone, but no.